Welcome to Badlands, where our identity draws inspiration from the very essence of the term "Badlands."

Established in 2020, and loosely inspired from the 1973 film Badlands written by Terence Malickwe we embody the rugged, untamed beauty of these wild landscapes.

In the world of fashion, we see ourselves as creators navigating through terrains of creativity and self-expression. Much like the unpredictable nature of these terrains, our designs are dynamic, bold, and marked by the imprints of our unconventional journey.

Our clothing isn't just a product; it's a manifestation of the beauty found in imperfection. The softness of our fabrics echoes the sedimentary layers, and the intricate details mirror the rugged yet fascinating landscapes. It's a blend of strength and vulnerability, mirroring the spirit of the badlands.

We believe in the force of authenticity. Everything we create, from design to production, is rooted in the UK. This gives us control over the entire process, ensuring the highest quality products.

Thank you for joining us on this adventure.

'Forever on the run'